Saltbox - Eid Road, Moscow, Idaho

While some have heard about the Palouse (most of them photographers), the misconception is that its boundaries are well established. In fact, there are no official boundaries, signs or anything else that tell you where the Palouse begins and ends. The best way to tell if you are in the Palouse is to use your eyes. After a few days, the landscape tells you whether you are or aren't. Most of the Palouse is located in eastern Washington State, but there are some portions that lie in Idaho. One evening, we headed out across the state line toward Moscow, Idaho. There we stopped and shot this cool looking saltbox barn. 

Compositionally, there were some not so photogenic trees to the left, so almost all of my shots had the barn on the left side of the photo. The sky wasn't the best so I minimized it in the photo. When I looked at this image before editing, it had a "tilt-shift" lens look to it which I retained in the final edit.