Old Time Gas Station - Endicott, Washington

Endicott Road, Endicott, Washington

I had a mental picture of what I would be seeing before I got to the Palouse. Farmland? Check. Undulating landscapes? Check. Barns and farm equipment? Check. Abandoned property? Check. Almost everything I had pictured was there with one exception. I hadn't anticipated that there were some classic cars to be found at several places here and there throughout the Palouse. The mother load was a private collection that we got access to somewhere near Endicott. I knew we were in for a treat when we pulled up and saw this old time Texaco station. What a classic piece of nostalgia staring us in the face. To make it even better, down the driveway was a whole collection of classic cars waiting to be photographed. I will be posting them in the future, but today it is the Texaco station taking the stage.