Amsterdam Transportation

Amsterdam, Netherlands

When we visit Europe, we are always careful to watch where we are walking as the traffic in European cities can be treacherous for pedestrians. This usually keeps us on the lookout for speeding cars but we were a little unprepared to watch out for Amsterdam's bike traffic. I have never been in a city so dominated by bicycles. Not only are there bike lanes on all of Amsterdam's streets,  they also have their own traffic signals. For someone like me who worked in New York City and Philadelphia, when I see a light turn red, I think it is okay to cross. In Amsterdam, when the light changes red, it is for the cars only and the bikes still can proceed. I almost got run over several times (all my fault) until I got used to the ebb and flow of the bikes. This image is indicative of almost every street, lined with bikes everywhere. I wonder how they find their own bikes.