Anchorage Reflections

Anchorage, Alaska

Whenever I visit a new city, I make it a point to try to get out early to shoot before the city wakes up for business. This is a ritual that I try to do whenever I travel. On this morning, I was in Anchorage, Alaska for one night waiting for a bus to take us to McKinley Lodge. We had arrived the afternoon before from Connecticut and after a dinner at Humpys (featured on Man vs. Food, highly recommended and no, I didn't try the Kodiak Arrest challenge) hit the bed early. I woke up before dawn and headed out onto the streets of Anchorage.

The morning was glorious and the streets were deserted. The sun provided for some of the best reflections that I had seen in quite a while. This image is one of my favorites although I have a number that I really like.