Around the Bend - Yosemite National Park, California

A Photo Redo

Many of you who follow my photos (and thanks for that - it is much appreciated) are fellow photographers. As such, I am sure that many of you will often look back on the photos that you have shot and processed over the years and really cringe on how bad they look now. I know I do. I am not really talking about the actual photo itself (i.e. good light and good composition are a must) but rather how I processed them. It may be that my processing skills were not that good as they are now or that my style back when I processed them was still evolving. Regardless, at the time, I must have thought they were great because I actually posted them online. Looking at them with today's eyes, they are not very good at all. 

When looking at some of these good photos with bad processing last week, i decided that I would start to redo the processing on them to bring them back to life. I came up with the idea of posting a "Redo" photo periodically showing the before and after. Hopefully, you will agree that the after is better than before. The first photo that I have re-processed is one I took from Sentinel Bridge overlooking the Merced River in 2010. I was in my HDR "stage" of processing (I think every photographer goes through this phase) and the end result was what I believe gives HDR a bad name. For the "Redo", I processed this with the tools I now use the most, Lightroom and OnOne Photo 10. I hope this convinces some of you to go back and salvage some of those photos that deserve a new look.

"The Before"

Around the Bend