River Road View - Colorado River Scenic Byway, Moab, Utah

Nobody does road shots better than by buddy, Jeff Clow. In the past, I have called him the Jedi Master of this genre of photos and for good reason. Having shot with him many times, I know that I can always expect that he will pull over to the side of the road without any advance warning and get out of the car to line one up. When I first started shooting with him, I often thought that we would never get to our destination because he seemed to stop every half-mile to take a road shot. Over the years, I have grown more accepting and now find myself stopping for these shots when I am by myself. I have also found myself having discussions on the merits of straight roads vs. curved roads that lead into the scene. To say that Jeff has influenced my photography is an understatement. I don't know if I will ever outshoot him on these type of shots but I am sure willing to try.