Garage View - Steptoe Butte Foothills, Colfax, Washington

Many photos have been posted of the Palouse that show its magnificent scenery of rolling rich farmland. The best ones are usually taken during the golden hours when the shadows and lights give the landscape a three dimensional look to them rather than the flat light of mid-day. The Palouse has become the new "must visit" location for photographers. Not into landscapes of farmland, no matter how beautiful? There are plenty of other subjects to shoot there, from farm equipment to barns to grain elevators to abandoned farmhouses. One of my favorite type of photos is shooting some of the abandoned houses. I think it comes from my fascination with Urbex photography (a genre of shooting abandoned buildings). But is an abandoned farmhouse considered Urbex or should it be called "Rurex"? In any case, I love shooting these abandoned places, as they always make me wonder what happened to cause their demise. This abandoned house is located somewhere in the foothills surrounding Steptoe Butte State Park. I wandered into the garage and saw this scene through the window and thought it made an interesting photo.