Shack View - Monument Valley, Navajo Nation

There have been thousands (okay, probably millions) of photographs of the magnificent scenery in Monument Valley. So many so that coming up with a new composition is hard to do. I still try to find something new and sometimes come up with one that I haven't seen before, like this one (that doesn't mean that it hasn't been shot before). We were just coming back from shooting the road shot that was made famous in the movie Forrest Gump. On the way back into the park, we spotted a road that leads to a series of shacks, and stands where the Navajo sell their goods to visitors to the park. Given that it was the first week in May and off-season, there wasn't anyone there. That gave us the run of the place and I wandered through each structure to see if I could use it to frame that amazing scenery. This was my favorite from the shots that I took there.