Jasper State of Mind - Jasper National Park, Alberta

Pyramid Lake and Pyramid Mountain

The great thing about photos is that they can transport you back in time and allow you to re-experience the feelings that you had when you took them. A sort of time machine. This one took me back a couple of years. A short drive from my hotel and, as I saw my first view of Pyramid Mountain, I felt a sense of anticipation. When I reached Pyramid Lake, there was no one in the parking lot and I hoped that I would have the lake to myself (I did). As I worked the shoreline, there was fog across the lake and the mountain tops began to glow. The quietness and the beauty overcomes me and you realize that it is not the photo that is important but rather the chance to experience the wonder that Mother Nature has to offer. A sense of calmness is in the air and you are glad to be alive. Soon, the crowds of people will come and change the mood, but until then, enjoy the oneness with nature.