Beaver Created - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Upper Schwabachers Landing, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Finally getting around to get a second look at my Teton trip photographs. One of my goals was to finally get photos of Lower Schwabachers Landing, which has eluded me over the past few years. Between government shutdowns to fogged-out mountains, I have been frustrated in getting the shot that I wanted of this iconic location. On my last trip to the Tetons, the photography gods were smiling on me and I got the elusive shots. What I didn't expect was a new Schwabachers landing location that was created by beavers a few years ago. Seems that the beavers decided to build a dam that, in essence, created a section of water that rivals in many ways the original location. Now dubbed Upper Schwabachers Landing, I think I may like it better than the original. Regardless, standing in front of either Schwabachers location is a terrific experience, as the views of the amazing Teton Range are on display.