The Wheel Fence - Uniontown, Washington

Artisans of the Dahmen Barn, Uniontown, Washington

It seems like a long while since I have posted a photo from The Palouse. This amazing area in eastern Washington and western Idaho is so different from the typical landscapes that you think about when the western US is mentioned. Rolling farmland as far as the eye can see is typical of the Palouse. Every hill and mound gives a different look and feel, especially when the sun is low and casting some warm light and creating shadows. Add to that abandoned farmhouses, grain elevators, and farm equipment that just add to the ambience of the area. 

Just when you think you have seen all that the area has to give, you come upon something unique. An old barn has been renovated and used as a home for artists to display their work and offer it for sale. The Artisans of the Dahmen Barn is well worth a visit to see some amazing art. The most unique part of the barn is the wheel fence that surrounds the property. Constructed over a period of 30 years by artist Steve Dahmen, this fence is a site to see, with all shapes of wheels from various items. I decided to post this very small section of the fence to give you an idea of the detail and work that went into this. I have some wider views, and I will feature them in future posts.