Acadia Sunrise - Thunder Hole, Acadia National Park, Maine

Getting up well before dawn is always a challenge, but the rewards can be totally worth it. The first morning of our stay in Acadia this past October was one of those days where the rewards were much better than a little sleep. It was quite cold, and much of our group hailed from Texas. When we walked on the rocky shoreline of Acadia National Park, all thought of being cold was forgotten. Our first stop was Thunder Hole. This location gets its name from the loud thunderous sound when the tide is coming in and the right size wave hits a small inlet. Water typically sprays very high and wets the many people waiting for the sound. This morning the tide was out and we were the only people around. Despite that, the beauty of this rocky shoreline is still beautiful, especially when the sun peeks above the horizon and bathes everything in a wonderful warm light.