Ominous Clouds - Sand Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine

The rocky shoreline of Acadia National Park encompasses most of Mount Desert Island's eastern side. I am guessing that if you walked along the edge of the shore, it would measure 25-30 miles. All along that walk, you would see one of the most rugged coastlines on the eastern US coast. Towering cliffs and rocks so rugged that you wonder how they were formed. Along the way you might expect some beautiful beaches to enjoy. Well, you would be disappointed. There is only one beach along the coast and it is this one, Sand Beach. This little beach (less than 300 yards long) is one of the most visited attractions in Acadia. Swimming is allowed, but the Atlantic Ocean rarely gets above a water temperature of 55 degrees. 

The beach is protected by Great Head, pictured in the photo, and is probably why the beach was formed. Normally, the beach is packed with people, but being mid-October and with the ominous clouds approaching, there weren't many there. All the better to take in its beauty.