Little Long Pond - Mount Desert, Maine

Just before Jeff Clow's recent inaugural photo tour to Maine where I served as a co-host, I headed up to Acadia early to do some pre-scouting of the area to some spots I hadn't visited before. This spot, Little Long Pond is actually outside the park, but I had read about it and checked it out. When I reached the parking lot, I thought it would be a short walk to the pond. Boy was I wrong. I walked along a trail for maybe two miles before I reached it. I was thinking that it took a little too long to get there and that we wouldn't be able to fit it into the itinerary. As I went a little further, I began hearing the sound of cars, and discovered that the parking lot for the pond was not the best place to get access. This is what pre-scouting is all about. I knew right away as I stood along the road looking at this view that it would definitely be a place to bring the group.