Blue Morning - Glacier National Park, Montana

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana

Sometimes Mother Nature has different plans for photographers that end up being better than they imagined. I had visions of getting up well before dawn to drive from Kalispell to Lake McDonald for a glorious sunrise. That is my most favorite time of day, not only for the great light, but also for the lack of people. On the almost hour drive to the lake, we encountered lots of low clouds and periods of drizzle.

Upon arrival to the lake, our group was looking at this scene that was quite different than the golden light I had hoped for. Instead, we had these low-hanging clouds along with these unbelievable blue tones (yes, this was the color that we saw). This anchored boat was the only one visible on the lake and made a great subject. So instead of an image that had those golden tones that come mostly every clear day, I ended up with one that had these great blue tones that happen only once in a while.