Dali in the Morning - St Petersburg, Florida

Dali Museum, St Petersburg, Florida

The Southwest Florida coastline was uncharted territory for us (I traveled to some places for business but never had time to explore), so when we decided to spend three weeks in Florida, we thought we would experience it for the first time. One of the places we stayed was in the city of St. Petersburg. For some reason, I thought the city bordered on the coast and was surprised that it actually lies on Tampa Bay. We stayed at a bed and breakfast a few blocks from the waterfront, so I had easy access on the first morning I was there. Heading out before dawn, I walked down to the Dali Museum. As you would expect, the building is unusually designed, making it a great subject. The best compositions are from the north side, so that is where I spent the bulk of my time. For this shot, I decided to go behind the museum and shoot out toward Tampa Bay and the palm trees. I really liked how the glass on the museum created some great reflections. I was limited to my 23mm lens (35mm equivalent) as part of my Field Report for the PhotoFrontier's WE35 project.