Venice Fishing Pier - Venice, Florida

Earlier this week, I posted a shot of the Venice Fishing Pier from the beach. I had never been to the pier before and got there before dawn. It was quite easy to get to the beach and I was able to shoot it from both the sides and from under the pier. As I was shooting, there were only a couple of fisherman on the pier, so I decided that, after I was done, I would head onto the pier and take advantage of the lack of people. Easier said then done. It is a bit confusing to get to the pier, as it seems that you have to go through a restaurant (that wasn't open) to get to it. After walking around the place, I spotted a couple of back "door" openings that I took advantage of. Not knowing if I was trespassing or needed to pay a fee (I found out later that both were okay), I came to this sign telling me that I reached my goal. Framing the sign was challenging, as my 23mm lens (35mm equivalent) was just wide enough as I couldn't back up any further. I was happy to include this in my Field Report for the PhotoFrontier's WE35 project.