Buried Under Aspens - Como Cemetery, Como, Colorado

Last September, I participated in a photo tour in Colorado with my friend Rick Louie (for those of you looking to take a tour, Rick's tour is highly recommended). The group met in Denver for dinner the night before the tour started. Rick's plan was to head to Telluride, stopping at different locations along the six hour drive. One of the first stops was a little cemetery in the small town (population 439) of Como. When we pulled up, it was clear that there were not very many headstones in the cemetery (so people were dying to get there). It was also clear that it was a beautiful place to be buried, with several stands of Aspens, all at peak color. The interesting part of the scene above that intrigued me was the bench where visitors could sit. I don't frequent cemeteries much, but I don't recall many benches in them.