Elk Crossing - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Cattleman's Bridge, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Sometimes a magical moment happens when least expected that gives you the most memorable event of a trip. A few of us had spent a few hours at Oxbow Bend and the weather did not cooperate at all. Mount Moran was totally socked in, the weather wasn't so hot, and, all in all, it was a morning to forget. My good buddy Jeff Clow suggested that we head to Cattleman's Bridge to see if we could find a bald eagle or two flying above the water. As we all looked up for the eagles, someone spotted some movement down river. There, amid the low-lying mist were quite a number of elk that were crossing the river onto an island. It was so unexpected and one of the coolest moments I have experienced. The fact that I also got some decent photos of the event was a bonus. 

This shot was my "unicorn" of the trip. My good friend Chris Nitz has the best description of what a unicorn is to a photographer. In Chris's words, "... the “unicorn” is that single image that makes an entire trip. It is that moment that you compose your photo, click that shutter button, check the LCD and immediately know that you could never take another photo during your trip and be completely happy with what you have." I couldn't say it any better (which is why I stole Chris' words).