Canoes - Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta

The trip to Banff last month was a resounding success. Based upon the photos I have seen from my friends, their favorite place by far was Moraine Lake and for good reason. Every time I am asked where my favorite location in Banff is, my answer seems to change, but not anymore. Moraine Lake treated us with some amazing conditions from snow, rain, clouds and sunshine. Seeing it in all of those conditions has locked it in as my favorite location. Sure there is tremendous competition from all of the surrounding mountains, mountain lakes, waterfalls and glaciers but any lake that is surrounded by ten peaks (known as the Valley of the Ten Peaks) is usually the winner.

There have been so many photos of the lake posted by my friends (the disadvantage of being the last one home), I am posting my first photo of the lake with its always present canoes. I have always loved their color with the mountain peaks in the background.