Fog in the Valley - Lyndonville, Vermont

I know what you are thinking, "This isn't Banff". After two straight weeks, I am trying to ween myself off of posting Banff photos. I know it will be hard with all of the great locations that are there but I want to start adding some variety back into my photo stream. For those of you who love Banff, don't worry, as the withdrawal from my addiction from it will be a gradual one.

So how was I going to start changing it up? I decided to hop to a different season and a location much closer to where I live, fall in Vermont. This photo was shot about five years ago and pictures a classic autumn scene that is found throughout New England. The mountains are not nearly as big as the Rockies, but they add a nice layering to the landscape here. This photo was shot at sunrise and the fog added to the layering of the foliage and farmland.