Canyon Light - Colorado National Monument, Colorado

Landscape photographers are always at the mercy of the weather. The weather can make or break a photo trip's success. No matter what weather app you use to forecast conditions, there is always hope that it is either right or wrong depending on its prediction. That proved out on a trip to Moab. I planned to stay a night in Grand Junction, primarily to shoot at Colorado National Monument at sunset. When I boarded the plane in Hartford, the weather forecast was predicting rain. When I landed, the forecast proved accurate. I checked into my hotel in late afternoon with the hope that the weather would improve. By dinner time, the rain had slowed to a drizzle, so off I went to see if I would get lucky. As you can see, the weather gods did indeed smile on me. By the time I climbed Rim Rock Drive, Monument Canyon was bathed in soft evening sunlight. The weather front had moved to the east just in time. Times like these even out the score when the weather goes against you.