You Can Trust Your Car - Endicott, Washington

If you think that the Palouse is all about rolling landscapes of farmland, barns, abandoned houses and Steptoe Butte, you would be mostly right. The one thing that you might not expect are the old cars that also dot the landscape. On a recent trip there, a friend said that the Palouse is where old cars go to die. You might be driving on a dirt road and you come upon a car or truck in the middle of nowhere that reeks of nostalgia. If you ever explore Endicott, you might spot a replica of a Texaco station with a green Chevy parked next to the pumps. It is home to a treasure trove of old cars in various stages of repair and disrepair. Some have windshields with bullet holes, while others appear to be in great condition. It is a great place to spend some time exploring. Be aware that the property is private and that if you want to visit, please get the permission of the owner of the property. 

By the way, for those of you who don't recognize the title of this post, it is from a slogan from the 1960's for Texaco that was heard in commercials. The slogan (and jingle) was "You can trust your car to the man who wears the star, the big, bright Texaco star."