Chinook Destination - Rearguard Falls Provincial Park, British Columbia

One of the areas high on my bucket list is eastern British Columbia. I have only done some minor exploring of the area and need to revisit, hopefully next year when I visit Banff and Jasper National Parks. Both parks, although in Alberta, are pretty close to the BC border. I will also revisit some of the places I first set eyes on like this one.

This beautiful scene is of the Fraser River, which is the longest river in British Columbia, measuring 854 miles long. It originates near Mount Robson (very close to where I shot this photo) and terminates in the Strait of Georgia at Vancouver. I was immediately taken with the color of the river, which is typical of mountain-fed rivers, especially near their source.

The only thing that would have made this scene even more special is the return of the Chinook Salmon to visit their spawning grounds. The salmon return here after years of swimming in the sea and it must be a sight to see. I suspect that when their return does happen, trying to get to this spot would be difficult, as it probably attracts a lot of visitors and photographers.