The Bubbles - Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park, Maine

One of the sights that is associated with Acadia National Park are the "bubbles" that are prominent when visiting Jordan Pond. The Bubbles are the two rounded mountains that probably do not qualify as mountains. The North Bubble measures only 872 feet and the South Bubble is a bit shorter at 766 feet. Regardless of their height, some of the best views of Acadia are from the the Bubbles. While they can be seen from many different stops, the best view is from Jordan Pond.

This composition is not the usual one when you see photos of the pond and the Bubbles. Most photos are taken from the south to the middle part of the pond that gives you a more direct view. On this fall morning, I decided to hike toward the northern end of the trail, and got this angle of these cool rocks while showing off the fall colors.