Classic Banff - Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta

Here we are at the end of Alberta Week and I am ending it with another iconic shot from Banff, namely Lake Louise. This location is probably the most visited in the Canadian Rockies. Part of the reason is Victoria Glacier at the far end of the lake, as well as some amazing hikes that can be taken from the lake (the Tea House is a favorite of many). If you want to see the lake in relative quiet, visit at sunrise or stay at the impressive Chateau Lake Louise (every bit as pricey as the Banff Springs Hotel in Banff). If you are not there at sunrise, be prepared to share the lake with tons of tourists. It is a favorite stop for every tour bus in the area. It has gotten so bad that I won't visit there at any other time.

I hope you enjoyed my little visit to Alberta this week. I will be off on my last trip of the year to Death Valley today, so I will see you when I get back.