Me and the Amazon - Valley of Fire, Nevada

Just back from another awesome Jeff Clow Photo Tour to Death Valley. I have heard people ask why anyone goes there to shoot because it is just desert. When you go there, you will know. Anyway, Jaki Good Miller and I spent a couple of days before Jeff's tour and visited the Valley of Fire in Nevada. I spent a few hours there way back in 2000 before I was seriously into photography. Boy, what a shame I hadn't been back there until this trip. The terrain looks other worldly. Our first morning, we found Elephant Rock (above us in this photo) and decided to take a shadow selfie. It looks like Jaki is towering above me in this shot and I called her an Amazon. She told me that she was called that when she was an All American volleyball player at Marshall University. For those of you who don't know, Jaki was the first female volleyball player inducted into Marshall's Hall of Fame.