Classic New England - Rockport, Massachusetts

Motif No.1, Rockport, Massachusetts

One of my favorite stops in New England is the small town of Rockport, MA, located at the tip of Cape Ann, about 40 miles northeast of Boston. It has a quaint harbor and is home to one of the most recognizable fishing shacks in the world. It got its fame by being one of the most often-painted (and probably photographed) buildings in America. Legend has it that the shack got its name by illustrator Lester Hornby.  He responded to a student who submitted a drawing of the shack for review with the words, "What-Motif No 1 again?"

Motif No 1 was originally built in 1840 and was destroyed in the Blizzard of 1978. It was rebuilt later that year and is still a popular subject for artists and photographers alike.