Shadow Mountain View - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


Lightroom 6 New Panorama Process

Today, as you read this blog post, I am headed to Wyoming to join my great friend Jeff Clow on his spring Grand Teton National Park photo tour. It has been a couple of years since I have been there, and I am looking forward to shooting the park again, as well as meeting up with some old friends and making new ones. 

I thought that I would kill two birds with one stone and post this panorama of the Tetons. By this I mean that in addition to posting a photo of my destination, I would give a quick review of the new panorama process in the recent update to Lightroom. I have previously used Photoshop to merge panoramas, and, while not overly difficult, it still was extra steps in my editing process. What I found with Lightroom's new process was that it performed admirably. I wanted to push Lightroom to the max, so I picked an 18 shot pano to work on (yes, the image above is made up of 18 photos). Not only was it really easy to process, it was very quick to do so, faster than I would have ever expected. The additional bonus was that the resulting file was saved as a RAW file (DNG to be exact). While one example does not mean that every pano will work as seamlessly, the result is quite promising.