Clouds - Sanibel, Florida

Testing out DNG files taken on my iPhone.

On my trip to Sanibel last month, I brought my camera equipment with me, but I rarely took it out. This was more of an escape from the winter cold and rest and relaxation with old friends. I am pretty committed to walking five miles a day, but I seem to slip up when I am traveling. I resolved that this year would be different and, so far, it has been. Every morning in Sanibel, I headed out at 6:30am to log my miles in before everyone else was up. Since it was before sunrise at that time, I considered taking my camera with me to catch some of the great sunrises that Sanibel has to offer. Instead, I thought I would test out the DNG option in the  iOS Lightroom app to see how well it worked.

Well, after shooting a bunch of photos, I edited this one on Lightroom Mobile, and then when I got home, I did some final tweaking on my desktop version of Lightroom and sent it over to my finishing app, OnOne Photo RAW. The good news was the files held up so much better than the JPGs that I used to shoot on my iPhone. It was really apparent when I used the Shadow and Highlights sliders. I was impressed on how much I was able to do with the DNG file. The bad news? I knew that I wasn't working with a photo that was taken on a 24 megapixel sensor. I couldn't push it as far as I could on my Fuji XT-2 photos. That is what I expected given the difference in sensor size. But, if I just don't feel like carrying that bigger camera on occasion, I will not hesitate on using the DNG option in Lightroom Mobile, knowing that I can now get a very respectable image from it.