Norbeck Pass - Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Where does the time go? I was going through some photos and came across my Badlands trip images. I was amazed that the trip was almost four years ago. It seems like a short time ago. I visited this amazing park for the first time as part of a cross country trip with my son. We stayed at a hotel just outside the eastern entrance to the park. Talk about remote! Only one restaurant for 30 miles (and it was one of the worst I have been to) and no stores either. The only advantage was that I had the park almost to myself at sunrise. One of the classic scenes to shoot in the park is this one at Norbeck Pass. I remember getting up and driving about 20 minutes to shoot this scene. I was the only one in sight and there were some great clouds that lit up as the sun came over the rock formations. I love how most of the formations in the park have the layers of strata that show how these might have been formed.