Sunglow - Edith Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Last year, after a photo tour of Banff, a few of us headed north to do some scouting of Jasper National Park. Jasper NP is not as well known as Banff NP but it is just as beautiful. That works in Jasper's favor as it is less crowded than Banff. That, coupled with the size difference (Jasper NP is not quite double the size of Banff NP) makes the chances of being able to enjoy the scenery  alone much more likely. Despite the size difference, there is one thing that is consistent between the parks and that is the amazing and majestic Canadian Rockies, along with their pristine glacier-fed lakes. These lakes are very accessible in both places, with many of them being within the town boundaries of both towns. For landscape photographers, that is a godsend especially in June, when sunrise happens before 5am. This photo of Edith Lake is an example of how easy they are to get to. A mere 4 miles from downtown Jasper, we got to the lake and had it all to ourselves. It was a beautiful morning and the clouds cooperated with the sun, creating a great sun ray effect from behind the mountains.