Coast Beauty - Gold Beach, Oregon

The sea stacks at Myers Creek, just south of Gold Beach are symbolic of the nature of the Oregon Coast. I remember the first time that I laid eyes on them as I was driving toward the southernmost point on the Oregon Coast. As I was coming down an incline in the road, it curved toward the ocean and I saw one of the most amazing stretches of road that I had ever seen. My first thought was that I could spend all day photographing all of the monolithic sea stacks in the ever-changing light. The sea stacks cover about a mile of beach and there are endless compositions. My favorite time to shoot there is in evening light with the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. This is not a sunrise location, as the bluffs adjacent to the ocean are pretty high and the sun has to clear them before they light up. That gives landscape photographers like me an advantage over other locations as we can sleep in. On this particular morning, I headed to the southern part of the sea stacks and waited for the sun to peek above the bluffs. Not a bad way to spend a morning.