Monument Valley Evening - Navajo Nation

The best way to see Monument Valley is to hire a Navajo guide, which enables you to see parts of the valley that you cannot see on the 17-mile road semi-public road. The guides are not inexpensive but are well worth it for their local knowledge, stories of the Navajo culture and even playing musical instruments and singing Navajo songs. If you cannot afford to hire a guide, you can still see wonderful scenery as well as all of it's famous landmarks for a $10 per person or $20 per vehicle entrance fee. This fee allows you to drive a 17-mile dirt road that winds throughout the park. It is a fabulous drive and I recommend doing it at least twice - early morning and evening. The light is so different at these times that the formations take on very different looks. This image of the world-famous East and West Mittens and Merrick Butte was actually taken from the visitors center in the early evening (no fee for this view). The dirt road can be seen below as well as the shadows of the visitor center. I left the car on the road to give the image scale - those buttes are really huge.