Colorful - Kruger National Park, South Africa

Happy Thanksgiving

Here in the US, we are celebrating one of our most family-oriented holidays, Thanksgiving. The tradition is for families to sit around the table and feast their eyes on a big turkey. The bigger, the better. I've seen turkeys on sale that weigh almost 30 pounds. Turkeys are not the prettiest birds in the world and I don't have a good photo of one, so I thought I would post a photo of a bird that is quite the opposite.

This bird is an African Pygmy Kingfisher that I captured on my recent trip to South Africa. While turkeys are basically white and brown, this bird is one of the most colorful ones that I have ever seen in person. From a size perspective, the kingfisher is usually only 5 inches in length. This bird is just too pretty to eat and you would need an awful lot of them to feed a family on Thanksgiving.