In the Shadows - Red Cliffs Lodge, River Road, Moab, Utah

Sometimes the light, shadow and clouds take over and you get side tracked. After Jeff Clow's Moab Tour back in March was over, Jaki Good Miller and I headed out to Grand Junction to visit Colorado National Monument before our flights home the next morning. I have visited this great park quite a number of times and it has been a favorite of mine. Jaki had never been there and I wanted to show her some terrific landscapes. All that went out the window as we got onto River Road. I don't know how many times we stopped, but it was quite a few. We spent a lot of time at this spot near the Red Cliffs Lodge and we were rewarded with some great scenes. We did make it to Colorado National Monument, but the light was gone. We will just have to revisit there on our next trip to Moab.