Clearing Weather - Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta

I am woefully behind in reviewing my photos from my trips this year and I am determined to catch up over the winter. I spent some time going through all of my photos for the first time from an epic trip to Alberta this past June. We had outstanding weather and I found quite a few "keepers". I have decided that this week will be "Alberta Week" on my blog and social media.

There is only one location in Alberta that deserves to lead off the week and that is from iconic Moraine Lake. The fact that the lake is located in a valley named "Valley of the Ten Peaks" probably says it all. Surrounding this emerald mountain lake are the towering Canadian Rockies and it is an impressive sight to see. This particular morning, it was snowing reasonably hard (yes it snows in Banff in mid-June) when we got to the parking lot. A few hardy souls climbed up the "rock pile" along the trail, which leads to one of the most photographed scenes in Canada. I chose to wait until the snow stopped before I headed up the trail. I was rewarded with this composition that showed a break in the clouds as proof the weather was clearing.