Canoe Rental - Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, British Columbia

Although this is "Alberta Week" on my blog and social media, I just had to post this photo from Yoho National Park. Yes, I know that Yoho is technically in British Columbia, but it is just over the Alberta Province line. The centerpiece of the Yoho is the beautiful Emerald Lake, where the color is the deepest emerald that I have seen in the Canadian Rockies (you can't tell that from this photo so you will have to trust me). One of the classic scenes of the lake are the canoes that can be seen being rowed on the lake. When we first got there, there were only a few canoes on the lake and I spotted this composition of canoes waiting to be rented. In the background on the left is, you guessed it Emerald Peak, and on the right is the fine restaurant, Cilantro on the Lake.