Maligne Wonder - Spirit Island, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Earlier this week, I posted a photo of Moraine Lake, which is one of the most iconic locations in the Canadian Rockies. If there is another location that gives Moraine a run for its money, it has to be Spirit Island on Maligne Lake. I am guessing that Moraine Lake is the most visited, as it is pretty close to Calgary and all you need is a car to see it. Spirit Island is a bit more challenging to visit, as a 35-minute boat ride is required to see the island and it is over 4 hours from Edmonton. I am not as convinced that Moraine is the most seen, at least photographically. Why is that? We can thank Eastman Kodak. As part of a marketing effort, Kodak sent out one of their photographers, Peter Gales, to find remote locations that would help promote the sale of their film. His image of Spirit Island became part of Kodak's Colorama display (larger than life photos in Grand Central Terminal). Over the more than 40 years that it hung there, millions upon millions of people viewed the photo.

The classic view of the island (actually only an island when the water is high) is from above on a short trail. This composition from ground level is also wonderful and gives a closer look at it.