Cottonwood Creek - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The Teton Range is the youngest section of the Rocky Mountains and they rise from the foothills of Jackson Hole to dominate the landscape. There are, however, spots where the mountain range is not visible and you get a chance to enjoy some of the little things in the park. Last May, our group decided to spend one evening exploring the Cottonwood Creek area. There is a great trail that parallels the creek. The creek moves downstream at a very rapid pace in mid-Spring as a result of the melting snow from the mountain peaks (you could say it "springs" to life). As soon as I saw how fast it was moving, I knew that a long exposure shot was called for. I realized that, due to the speed of the water, a half-second exposure was all that I needed to capture the movement. I processed this photo as a black and white as there was little color, and I feel that the lack of color brings out the details of the rocks.