Jasper Beauty - Lake Annette, Jasper National Park, Alberta

There are many well-known destinations within Jasper National Park, but this small lake is a unique one. Most lakes are fed by visible means, but Lake Annette has no visible inlet or outlet. That is because the lake is sourced by an underground river that travels almost 19 miles from Medicine Lake. The Maligne River runs through a cave system to the floor of Lake Annette and many other places in the surrounding valley.

The lake now serves as a destination for locals and tourists alike. It is a great destination for swimmers, as it has a terrific beach with one of the most amazing backdrops. It is also a place where hikers can walk the trail that runs around the whole lake. That is what I did on the last morning of my trip and I took photos from every spot that I could. This is my favorite from the hike.