Dirt Road - Moab, Utah

Professor Valley, Colorado River Scenic Byway, Moab, Utah

Five Day B&W Photo Challenge - Day 5

A few weeks ago, I was nominated on Facebook to participate in the 5-day B&W Photo Challenge by three fellow photographers (Jimi Jones, Edith Levy and Bobby Strader), and on Google+ by another photographer (James Howe). As a result, the blog will feature only Black and White images (all edited this past weekend for this challenge) this week.

For my last photo on this challenge, I am taking you to sunrise along the Colorado River Scenic Byway (aka River Road). This was taken back in March, as part of Jeff Clow's Moab Photo Tour (not to be missed). This particular dirt road is part of the Professor Valley area of Moab. I really like how the different layers of light pop in this black and white version. The well-lit road and the partially-lit peaks contrast well with the dark shadows below the peaks.

I really enjoyed this challenge, as it made me really think hard about selecting images for black and white treatment. One of my goals for 2014 was to process more B&W images, and I think that I have posted more of them this year than in the previous five years. Many thanks to Jimi, Edith, Bobby and James for offering me the opportunity to participate.