Island Flow - Jasper National Park, Alberta

Sumwapta Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Five Day B&W Photo Challenge - Day 4

A few weeks ago, I was nominated on Facebook to participate in the 5-day B&W Photo Challenge by three fellow photographers (Jimi Jones, Edith Levy and Bobby Strader) and on Google+ by another photographer (James Howe). As a result, the blog will feature only Black and White images (all edited this past weekend for this challenge) this week.

One of the subjects that I think really benefits from black and white treatment is flowing water that has been captured during a long exposure. I think that the movement of the water is accentuated, making it more visual to the eye. I took this image just off of the Icefields Parkway in Jasper National Park. The water flows toward the Sumwapta Falls, which can be found downstream. The little island in the middle is a little reminiscent of Spirit Island, also located in the park.