Lighting in the Storm - Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Five Day B&W Photo Challenge - Day 3

A few weeks ago, I was nominated on Facebook to participate in the 5-day B&W Photo Challenge by three fellow photographers (Jimi Jones, Edith Levy and Bobby Strader) and on Google+ by another photographer (James Howe). As a result, the blog will feature only Black and White images (all edited this past weekend for this challenge) this week.

This past September, I spent a couple of days in Rocky Mountain National Park before joining Rick Louie for his excellent Colorado Fall Photo Tour (highly recommended). The first full day the weather was pretty bad, and the beautiful sunrise and sunset I had planned to shoot was not going to be. Of course, bad weather has it's own benefits that can result in some pretty dramatic shots. This was the case as I was driving the Trail Ridge Road that connects the eastern and western sides of the park. I spotted these sun rays lighting up a small part of the landscape and pulled over quickly to capture it. Since the colors of the scene were a bit muted, I felt that this photo screamed black and white.