Exploring Swiftcurrent Lake - Glacier National Park

Many Glacier Hotel, Glacier National Park, Montana

This photo is one that I never thought I would take, at least on the day that I took it. We had stayed on the western side of Glacier National Park and had some pretty nice weather. Our plan was to head to the Many Glacier area in the northeastern part of the park after lunch. Something drastically changed during lunch, as the storm clouds were very much on display. With Glacier's ever-changing weather in mind, we headed to Many Glacier and hoped for the best. When we got there, the heavens opened up. There was no sign of letup. Being three hours from our hotel, we finally decided to sit in the parking lot and hope that it passed. About 40 minutes later, the frontal system passed, and we were able to explore Swiftcurrent Lake.

Swiftcurrent Lake is home to a grand old hotel that is a must-visit because of its age and the great view of Grinnell Point (aka Mount Grinnell). I found this very tight trail to the left of the hotel and headed along the shore of the lake. When the trail ended, I pushed on, and I finally ended up at the sight pictured in this image. The light wasn't the best, but it definitely beat sitting in a parking lot in the pouring rain.