Mountain Light - Sinopah Mountain, Glacier National Park

Sinopah Mountain, Two Medicine, Glacier National Park, Montana

I have mentioned the Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park a number of time this week, and, today, I am showing one of its more photogenic scenes. This is Two Medicine Lake, with Sinopah Mountain in the background. The weather was it's normal unpredictable self, and, along with a chill in the air, there were high winds on the lake. When I first got out of the car, I headed to the area on the left side of the lake where these boats were, not because of their presence, but rather for the trees that blocked the wind. It proved to be a good decision. Using the boats as a nice foreground to anchor the composition, all I had to do was wait out the ever moving clouds that continually changed the light on the mountain. After a few minutes wait, there was a quick break in the clouds that allowed the early sun to light up the mountain.