Fall in the Tetons - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Along Wyoming's western border, the Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains form an almost impassible wall for 40 miles. The best place to see these magnificent peaks is in Grand Teton National Park. There, from the flat area of a valley known as Jackson Hole, the Tetons rise up like rock monoliths that tower above everything around you. These mountains have been photographed from just about every angle possible. One of the most photographed barns in the world, the Thomas Moulton Barn, was made famous because of the Tetons in the background. The famed Snake River became known when Ansel Adams photographed it as it winds parallel to the Teton Range. Of course, one of the most photographed locations in the US, Oxbow Bend, has Mount Moran reflected in the Snake River's water. While I have shot all of these locations, I often like to get a different composition. Across the valley on a ridge is where I shot this photo. I zoomed in the evergreens and the foliage of the cottonwood trees to show the top of the peaks on the other side.