Clearing Skies at Pemaquid - Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine

Anyone who follows my photos know of my love for lighthouses, particularly those in Maine. Of all of the lighthouses I have visited, this one is my favorite. Why? Because this lighthouse looks different depending on which direction you are looking at it from. The iconic composition is from down on the rocks on the left. You have to go to the little house to the left of the lighthouse and wind your way down to the lower rocks and shoot the lighthouse reflected in an ever-present puddle. From the right of the lighthouse, you get a straight on view of the light as well as the light keeper's house with the Atlantic Ocean as the backdrop. Then from here, where the rugged, rocky coast is on display with the light in the background. This is not the typical view, as it requires climbing down the rocks.

I shot this on a scouting trip and it had been raining most of the day. We left the hotel in late afternoon while it was still drizzling. When we got to the lighthouse, the skies started to clear and I realized that it might be worth it to climb down to this spot.