Palouse Sky - Garfield, Washington

Most photos of the Palouse are shot looking downwards from Steptoe Butte or from the top of a hill on its rolling landscape. Other shots are from eye level whether it is an abandoned house, a barn or farm equipment. Once in a while, the sky takes center stage as on this particular morning. Jeff Clow and I were scouting the area for his Palouse Photo Tour. We headed out toward the eastern state line before dawn to check out some locations. I had this barn in mind but when we passed it, we felt that it wouldn't be a good sunrise subject and we ended up finding another spot that was a winner. We then backtracked past the barn and immediately stopped because of the great light and this amazing sky. The clouds were gorgeous against that blue sky. We shot this  barn from all angles but this one was my favorite view. This photo is best viewed large.