Feeling Spiritual - Jasper National Park, Alberta

Ever visit a location that you fall in love with, even though on your visits there, you get only twenty minutes to shoot? Well, I wouldn't have though so but Spirit Island did that for me. Located on Maligne Lake in Jasper NP, once you see it, you realize that it is aptly named. There is something very spiritual about this tiny island that is surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains towering above it. 

Why have I got only twenty minutes per visit there? The answer is simple, it's not easy to get there. The island (it is only an island for part of the year) is about two and a half miles from the docks at Maligne Lake. That's right, the only way to get there is by boat and, if you rent a kayak, it would take your four hours to paddle there and another four to get back to the dock. There are no roads or trails that lead there. The only option is to take a boat tour to it that allows you twenty minutes at the island. The boat tour, all by itself, is pretty awesome. The good news is that the tour company announced longer tours for 2017 so I am hoping to take advantage of that on my visit there next year.